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APAC 5G Leaders’ CXO Summit

What will 5G really mean for your business?

2019 has been a watershed year for 5G development especially in Asia Pacific. In South Korea, the collaboration between government and the industry enabled all three mobile operators to launch commercial and mobile 5G services simultaneously in April, to cover all major cities in the country. The GSMA, with the support of Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), have brought together key policymakers and C-suite executives from the industry in Asia Pacific. The APAC 5G Leaders’ CXO Summit in South Korea, addressed challenges faced by mobile operators and policymakers in the markets that have either already launched 5G services or will launch very soon in the coming future. Source:

Airov8 was honoured to be invited to present at this industry leading event, addressing the topic – Vendor and Partner Strategies for 5G Leadership and Innovation.

Our Key Takeaways

Real use cases for 5G

There are various novel ways for operators to deploy 5G technologies to offer customers new ways to enjoy content. Operators will be able to offer – AR and VR device/services coupled with subscriptions, Multi-angled viewings of major sports events without being physically there, real time language translations, and customisation of movie content and endings based on real time viewer emotions. For enterprises, 5G enables Small-Medium factories to integrate resources and robotics on production floors. A cloud factory approach may produce breakthrough productions costs of just 1/3 of current costs. There are also Industrial-AR services where security on 2 sites are equipped with 360-degree video collars and AR glasses to work seamlessly. Similar applications in remote medical and drone piloting will also be key use cases.

Opportunities of 5G technologies

For 5G technology to provide returns, dramatic changes will be necessary for operators in how they run their businesses. Below are some forecasted numbers:

  • Between 2018 and 2025, the number of global IoT connections will triple to 25 billion.

  • By 2025, global IoT revenue will quadruple to $1.1 trillion.

  • Today 5.1 billion people around the world are subscribed to mobile services. From now to 2025, mobile services subscribers will increase to 5.8 billion.

  • By 2025, 4G will have 59% of all connections, with 5G at 15% of all connections (exc. 25 billion Cellular IoT services). Whilst 5G is important for consumers, it will become essential for Enterprises.

The most prominent user case for 5G

5G Self-driving cars to improve traffic safety
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5G will contribute critically to the advancement of self-driving cars. 94% of vehicle accidents in the world today are caused by human error. By way of example, if Hong Kong were to transition to self-driving cars, the country could close 2 of their current hospitals! The implications for Government and Society are enormous. Stand by for an exciting ride!

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