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Based in Singapore with local presence in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. We are a group of trusted telecommunication professionals highly knowledgeable in their fields of expertise.
Basil Byrne, Joseph Tey, Natalie Kononova, Surachai Mitsiriswat



1. Basil Bryne - Managing Partner

Basil dedicates his time in developing high achieving teams and sound partner relationships. Extensive experience in Telecom, Technology and Service Industries at CXO and presenting to Board levels. Also including CPO experience with Telecom operators,
group operators and vendors. 
He is a leader who invests time in developing high achieving teams and sound partner relationships. Direct experience in Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa regions.​

2. Joseph Tey - Managing Partner

Joseph comes from an engineering background and is also an experienced telecoms professional with strategic sourcing background in leading network build, modernisation, supply chain design, quality improvement and procurement advisory. He has worked at Operator, Group Operator and with Network Equipment Vendors.

3. Natalia Kononova - Head of Structural Engineering Services

Natalia heads up the Structural Engineering Services (SES). With a strong engineering background, attention to details and the drive
to ensure timely project completion, she has supported many Telecom Structural design / audit across Asia Pacific, Middle East
and Africa. Natalia is an expert in financial modelling to ensure that critical telecommunication project are engineered for success.

4. Surachai Mitsiriswat - Principal Consultant

Surachai has many years of experience in the electronics and telecommunications sector. He held senior telecommunication roles
in Telecom Operators and Major Network Equipment Vendors. Surachai is also a senior lecturer in a prestigious MBA program
in Thailand.

We look forward to helping you define your goals, develop practical solutions
and realising them! Let's have a chat over coffee and see what we can offer.
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